PermitUsNow Hotline 24/7 Supports Homeowners Devastated by Tornados in Texas, New Orleans, and Oklahoma

For most Americans, a home is their largest investment. Despair can set in after incurring storm damage to their home and a helping hand often makes a difference as homeowners begin again. That’s why PermitUsNow, an industry recognized Texas based building permitting company, has opened its 1.844.Permit.4 hotline to 24 / 7 coverage to provide homeowners impacted by devastating tornados in St. Bernard Parish, LA, Oklahoma and parts of Texas with tips on obtaining building permits.

“We’re happy to have a team that cares,” says Helen Callier, President of PermitUsNow.  “Folks living in other parts of Texas, New Orleans, LA, and Oklahoma are our neighbors and we’re doing what neighbors do and that’s use our skills with building permitting to help.”

Thunderstorms, high winds, and tornados ripped through portions of several states on March 22, 2022, and the PermitUsNow team has stepped up to assist homeowners in rebuilding.  Team members will provide general guidelines in obtaining proper permits to demolish, remodel and to rebuild homes damaged by tornados.

PermitUsNow has pulled permits in Louisiana including St. Bernard Parish, Oklahoma and across Texas and know that rebuilding and remodeling homes can be frustrating during normal times, but it is particularly stressful for homeowners after sustaining damage from a tornado.

From ripped off roofs to homes blown off their foundation to structurally impaired fames from high winds require a building permit and homeowners are encouraged to visit their local jurisdiction’s permitting web site for more information or call 1.844.PERMIT.4 for support.

“We urge homeowners to make sure Contractors are properly licensed or registered to do work in the state or city and to ask Contractor for a copy of all building permits to make sure work is being done up-to-code,” says Moruf Jimoh, AAIA, PermitUsNow Technical Manager

Some jurisdictions, especially in NOLA area, typically waive some permitting fees after a disaster to assist property owners in rebuilding.  Also, most jurisdictions like the City of Round Rock, Texas post special alerts on their web sites to guide homeowners with permitting.


About PermitUsNow. PermitUsNow created a permit expediting service to help Architects, Contractors, and Project Owners to do what they love to do best and that building their customers’ dreams.  Companies like HEB, OTG | United Airlines, Clayton Homes, Planet Fitness, and Burns and McDonnell have experienced saving time and money during the pre-construction phase of their projects. Because they have saved time, they were able to open new locations, connect with more customers, plus generate more revenue like never before.  The PermitUsNow team are building permitting process and code experts who have worked with over 500 jurisdictions in Texas, other AHJ’s across the US and in Canada. For more information, visit PermitUsNow.

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