REHAU’s expanded RAU-FIPRO® portfolio enhances window and door performance, meets Passive House Guidelines

RAU-FIPRO® is a unique hybrid glass-fiber reinforced PVC material that allows for up to 33% larger window and door openings while meeting stringent Passive House guidelines

LEESBURG, Va.– REHAU announces that its proprietary RAU-FIPRO® glass-fiber reinforced PVC material, similar to that employed in aerospace and motorsports for its outstanding strength and load capacities, is now available on two innovative product lines for windows and doors – Geneo® 4700 tilt-turn and Aspekt+ 1800 outswing casement.

“The RAU-FIPRO portfolio is not only designed to meet strict Passive House building requirements, but it is also on trend with up to 33% larger window and door openings, superior thermal comfort, acoustic insulation and structural performance,” said Katherine MacNevin, marketing manager with REHAU’s window solutions division in North America. “Its energy efficiency, noise insulation, durability and superior weatherability make windows and doors made with RAU-FIPRO the choice for both developers and owners who are seeking to create a sustainable and enjoyable building.”

Windows and doors made with the RAU-FIPRO hybrid material, including REHAU Aspekt+ 1800 out-swing casement and REHAU Geneo 4700 tilt-turn, feature co-extruded profiles with the company’s proprietary North American uPVC formulation on exposed surfaces and glass-fiber reinforced PVC at the core. The resulting units have the natural insulating and weathering capabilities of PVC with the strength of fiberglass for building larger units.

The calcium-zinc fortified PVC on exposed surface is specially engineered to withstand the demanding climates of North America, requires no coatings or paint and is chemically inert, so it cannot rot, decay, mildew or degrade from UV exposure. Designed to meet stringent Passive House requirements, these systems contribute to ultra-tight building envelopes and are resilient in the face of North American weather challenges with stabile profiles that expand and contract 60% less than PVC.

The RAU-FIPRO core combined with unique profile design yields excellent stability and torsional rigidity. Profiles feature internal ladder-like parallel walls with rungs that increase the strength of the overall unit and act as screw bosses for extra-strong fastening of hardware. This integrated reinforcement makes it possible to build larger than standard PVC units without steel inserts that detract from thermal performance. For the most expansive window and door designs, reinforcements can still be integrated.

REHAU Aspekt+ 1800 Outswing Casement

An addition to the Aspekt 1800 outswing casement line, REHAU Aspekt+ 1800 features a strength-enhancing sash in RAU-FIPRO, making it a top-of-the-line solution that provides superior thermal comfort, acoustic insulation and structural performance. Offering a modern design aesthetic in a wide range of colors, Aspekt+ 1800 allows fabricators to build units for up to 30% larger openings with long-lasting stability and torsional rigidity. Use of the advanced material combined with preexisting REHAU proprietary, co-extruded triple-seal technology limits thermal conduction and ensures a tight frame-to-sash seal with a significantly reduced U-value. To learn more about Aspekt+ 1800, visit

REHAU Geneo® 4700 Tilt-turn Windows and Doors

The Geneo 4700 tilt-turn window and door system, with a RAU-FIPRO core in both the frame and the sash, takes REHAU tilt-turn technology to its highest level of strength and thermal performance. Geneo is the first glass-fiber reinforced PVC polymer window system that doesn’t rely on steel for its strength, saving time, money and improving the ease of installation. The RAU-FIPRO core achieves excellent stability and torsional rigidity, making it possible to build up to 33% larger windows and doors without steel.

The glass-fiber reinforced PVC core reduces expansion and contraction of Geneo profiles by 60% compared to those of standard PVC, allowing hassle-free color application and ensuring that the tightly sealed building envelope remains so for many years in all climates. With 40% lighter profiles, transportation and installation costs can also be reduced.

Geneo 4700 is a certified Passive House Component for cool, temperate climates, a designation given by the Passive House Institute (PHI) for products that, as a rule, are two to three times more efficient than the corresponding commonly used products. For more information, visit



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