Small-Format Tiles Offer Sophisticated Solutions for Open Concept Spaces

Open concept spaces are a popular design choice for blending the functions of the kitchen, dining and living rooms into one airy, spacious gathering spot for the family. But designing open concept spaces can be a challenge. That’s where small ceramic tiles can play an important role thanks to their aesthetics, durability and easy maintenance requirements.

Protecting walls from splashes, oil, water or food residues is essential, and ceramic materials offer the perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality. In this context, Decocer, which specializes in small-format, made-to-measure ceramic pieces, offers a variety of high-added-value tile designs for these spaces.

Bold patchwork styles that bring life. Decocer offers extensive options that follow the decorative style of patchwork, taking this technique to a new level with ceramics. Patchwork, which fuses fragments of fabric with different shapes, colors, or patterns to create distinctive designs, opens up the possibility of generating unique and lively creations by creatively fusing the concept with the use of tiles.

Different shapes and geometries to differentiate. Decocer’s use of small-format ceramic tiles in kitchen backsplashes involves an exploration of shapes and geometries to create exclusive patterns. By using geometric tiles such as hexagons, chevrons, pickets, or herringbone designs, a modern and sophisticated look is achieved in these areas of the home.

Beveled metro tiles are a new must. Decocer proposes the use of beveled tiles, which we traditionally know from metro stations, in kitchen wainscoting, highlighting their timelessness and popularity thanks to their classic and versatile style. These ceramic pieces can be arranged traditionally or in creative patterns and different shades, offering varied options for design.

The authenticity of nature in ceramics. Decocer also proposes tiles that emulate natural elements such as stone, marble, slate, or wood for the backsplashes. These materials offer an organic and welcoming aesthetic, ideal for creating atmospheres that evoke the inherent beauty of nature.

Brightness with high-intensity glazed tiles. Glazed or mirror-finished tiles add luminosity and depth to wainscoting, as well as reflecting and enhancing natural light, giving the environment a sense of spaciousness and vibrancy.



Decocer SA is an international leader in in the manufacture of small format tiles for ceramic companies and retailers, as well as large ceramic distribution chains worldwide. The company offers a wide range of colors, finishes, formats, and tile designs with flat, irregular, beveled surfaces, and straight or irregular edges. Their products include white body tiles and porcelain tiles. The company is located at Carretera Vila-real km 3500, Onda, Castellón, 12200, Spain.

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