Turn Any French Door into a Fully Functional Dog Door

When a French patio door is the ideal location for a dog door installation, the PlexiDor Glass Series French Door Insert is the solution. This innovative insert turns any French door into a fully functional dog door. The product is shipped fully assembled and ready for replacement of the existing glass. All door hardware, including hinges, handle and lock remain unchanged.

“We developed the French Door Dog Door Insert for millions of dog occupied households that utilize a French door that leads to the backyard,” says Robert Wollet, Business Development Manager for PlexiDor. “The new PlexiDor Glass Series is now part of the PlexiDor family of products that includes dog doors for installation into exterior doors and exterior walls.”

The insert includes safety tempered, shatter proof clear or LoE glass. The saloon style panels of the PlexiDor Dog Door are lined with industrial weather seal which provide maximum energy efficiency. Heavy duty aluminum frames are powder coated and scratch resistant just like the appliances in a house.

PlexiDor Dog Doors include a cylinder lock, two keys and a steel security plate. The PlexiDor can be locked nightly, and the steel security plate can be attached while the homeowner is away for any extended period of time.

PlexiDor Dog Doors are available in sizes medium for dogs up to 40 pounds, large for dogs up to 100 pounds and extra-large for dogs up 220 pounds. The PlexiDor Dog Door insert is now available for French doors 80 or 96 inches tall and 32, 34 and 36-inch widths with prices ranging from $1,734 to $2,300.

The product is available at various brick and mortar door and window retailers nationally, and on the site, as well as online at and

Also in the works, a Sliding Glass Door Insert which fits any sliding patio door is being developed and will be introduced in early Spring 2022.

Customers can find a local dealer or installer or request a catalog at


About PlexiDor
PlexiDor helps homeowners choose the best dog door with the company’s expansive selection of standard dog doors, extreme weather dog doors, and lockable dog doors that fit every size of pet. To learn more about PlexiDors and see which option is best for your household’s needs, please visit


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