Viewrail Introduces Onyx Stainless Steel Rod Railing

Designed for exterior decks, balconies, and terraces as well as for interior stairways and balconies, Onyx Rod Railing preserves the view and uninterrupted air ventilation while providing protection and security. Viewrail Onyx Rod Railing provides a cost-friendly, design-forward solution, accenting the current trends of minimalist design and contrasting colors.

Onyx Rods perfectly match Onyx posts, handrail, and associated installation hardware to create a completely integrated railing system. Available hardware includes anchors, tension receivers, angled washers, and end kits to create a seamlessly elegant railing solution. Onyx Rod Railing is available in 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’ and 12’ lengths.

Viewrail Introduces Onyx Stainless Steel Rod RailingViewrail Onyx Stainless Steel Rods are made from 2205 ultra-marine grade stainless steel — the same stainless steel used for marine propeller shafts, offshore oil rigs, and in the recently rebuilt support structure of the Statue of Liberty. Powder coated with a matte black finish, stylish Onyx Rods are engineered to perform and look magnificent.

In the harshest coastal environments where cable railing will turn brown and rust, Onyx Rods will remain beautiful for a lifetime. Plus, they don’t collect dirt and dust, and clean beautifully with a quick wipe.

The Viewrail design team provides complete design assistance for every installation of Onyx Stainless Steel Rod Railing. Using customer-provided measurements and reference photos, Viewrail will design and lay out the entire system, indicating the correct location of all posts and identifying all necessary components.

Complete shop drawings are provided to the customer for each project, including 3D renderings. This detailed process permits the customer to ensure that the dimensions are exact and all project details are complete and accurate before an order is placed. Viewrail also provides assistance with local code compliance.

All components are shipped together, and are labeled for easy identification and placement at the installation site. Complete installation instructions and videos are provided to make installation a breeze.

Viewrail Onyx Rod Railing provides a unique way to tie a design theme together. It’s quite appropriate when used in conjunction with other black design elements such as windows, doors, light fixtures, appliances or trim. Onyx can also be used as a contrast in designs with lighter color profiles. Dark colors such as Onyx work especially well when contrasted with white decorating elements or paint.

Bold color combinations and accents are most popular in contemporary, country, and mid-century modern architectural styles. The juxtaposed combination of Viewrail Onyx Rod Railing and white or other bright colors brings sophistication and style to both interiors and exteriors.

About Viewrail

Viewrail, based in Goshen IN, is the leading manufacturer of modern stairs and railing in the U.S. Viewrail manufactures floating stair systems along with premium glass, rod, and cable railing. All components are manufactured in-house in one of seven specialized manufacturing facilities. Additional information is available at

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