Wood-Mode Cabinetry Captures Modern Design

Kreamer, PA – Designers and homeowners often seek inset cabinetry to capture a certain look of sophistication or to emulate the style of a particular time period. Inset, which positions the door and drawer flush mounted within its frame, creates a smooth, clean look. Longevity is also a benefit as corners are protected within the cabinetry and are not easily nicked. Lastly, discerning homeowners will appreciate the precision craftsmanship required to manufacture this door configuration. For these reasons, inset cabinetry is usually associated with traditional design. But as homeowners are moving more towards transitional styles, there is a need to bring together the benefits of inset cabinetry with modern design sensitivities.

Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry has accomplished this with Moditional™. This new collection, now available through Wood-Mode dealers throughout North America, incorporates elements that support modern kitchen and bath design:

  • Simplified profiles for clean, smooth cabinetry fronts
  • Beveled molding for subtle detail
  • Hidden dust rails (mid rails) – This exclusive detail was accomplished through Wood-Mode’s vigorous R&D efforts. Through development of an advanced frame construction, the mid rail – the support component that typically runs between the drawer and door – is tucked behind the drawer front, simplifying the visual field and eliminating a visible component.

The Moditional Collection comprises some of Wood-Mode’s most popular transitional door designs: Toulon, Cologne and Linear. These door styles have been the hallmark doors of Wood-Mode’s full overlay transitional offering but are now rounding out Wood-Mode’s catalog of inset styles. It also includes Pescara, a new introduction that achieves a signature look through its sleek, beveled molding. These doors are also available with the mid-rail for designers seeking that standard inset feature.


About Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry
Wood-Mode, LLC, is the nation’s largest manufacturer of custom cabinetry for kitchens, baths and as a highlight in any room of the home. As a company, our culture is focused on collaboration with our employees, reps and dealers. Together, we continue to build The Wood-Mode Experience. A Made in America operation, our products are marketed through a network of more than 600 independent dealers located throughout the United States and Canada.

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