“Woodstraps” Adjustable Lighting System from LZF Lamps Blends Craftsmanship and Ingenuity

The lighting system is made up of thin strips of pressed wood which open or close when straps are slid across them.

Woodstraps is a prime exponent of contemporary design work based on a perfect blend of craftsmanship, ingenuity, light and nature. 

 Summumstudio specializes in product and interior design, architecture, and branding. The studio has been singled out to receive numerous design awards in all its specialist fields from eminent organizations in Spain and abroad.  

Summumstudio, the well-known product and interior design and branding studio, has designed a new lighting system called Woodstraps for the prestigious lighting company LZF Lamps.

Woodstraps is a modular lighting system that generates layers of light, thanks to its delicate strips of overlapping pressed wood. The handcrafted flexible strips of wood can be adjusted, using straps to open or close them, hence controlling the intensity of the light that is released from the middle of it.

This innovative system, conspicuous for its simple abstract design, is more than just a light: it is an adaptable system whose shape and type of lighting can be customized, depending on the position of the straps that open or close the wood strips. Thanks to its versatile design, it can be suspended or used as a ceiling or wall light.

This combination of wood strips and light of an adjustable intensity helps to ensure a warm welcoming feel, perfect for creating backdrops of differing kinds. Another singularity is the fact that when the light is turned off, Woodstraps acts as a sculpture.

Woodstraps stands out for its delicate, evocative design, with clear-cut lines and simple shapes. It can be used in a multitude of different backdrops, enhancing them with its gentle light.  Indeed, it is a prime exponent of contemporary design work based on a perfect blend of craftmanship, ingenuity, light and nature.

Woodstraps is also a handcrafted product, made with sheets of FSC-certified timber (Forest Stewardship Council), guaranteeing the wood’s provenance from responsibly managed forests and its sustainability and eco-friendliness.


About LZF Lamps

LZF Lamps is a Valencia-based lighting company, founded by Maravi Calvo and Sandro Tothill over 20 years ago. Although it started out as a small artisanal design studio, today, it is a well-known international name, thanks to its expertise and the quality of its designs and materials. LZF has been singled out for its high standards by various different bodies, in particular by the Spanish Government’s Ministry for Science and Innovation when it was chosen to receive the National Design Award.

Right from the outset, the company’s lights were designed and made with wood veneer, handcrafting them in a small studio in the old quarter of Valencia. Today, its products continue to be made in the same artisanal style, since the company continues to believe that no other material has the same potential as wood veneer for illuminating living spaces.

About Summumstudio

Summumstudio is a prestigious multidisciplinary Spanish design and interior architecture studio. Design is regarded as a lifestyle by the studio, and a global strategy is taken to each of its projects. The studio, with offices in Madrid and Castellón, is headed by José María Gimeno and Andrés Navarro.

Summumstudio specializes in architecture, interior design, industrial design, and branding. It has worked out numerous projects in Spain and abroad, receiving recognition for its work from prestigious design bodies worldwide.

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