TeamCraft’s Commercial Roofing Industry Outlook: Navigating a World of Global Pandemic and Conflict

Opinion contributed by TeamCraft Roofing.

SALISBURY, N.C – With four generations of family history, TeamCraft Roofing has decades of experience in the commercial and industrial roofing industry. From the gas crisis in the 1970’s, to the terrorist attacks on 9/11, to the housing crisis in 2008 – TeamCraft has partnered with their customers to help them weather all kinds of economic (and literal) storms.

The tumultuous global environment kicked off two years ago with the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020 and has been exacerbated by the armed conflict and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Nobody questions that the past two years have been the most tumultuous in recent history. Between labor shortages and supply chain disruptions, all contractors are finding that it is harder than ever to meet the customers’ needs.

Commercial/industrial building owners and facilities manager should consider the following items in this challenging global environment:

1)  Your roof is more valuable now that it has ever been.

After two years of global pandemic, there have been massive shortages of both raw materials (steel, plastics, asphalt, etc.) and finished products like ISO, coverboard, fasteners and membrane. As a result, the cost of materials has gone through the roof (pun intended).

The good news: The raw materials in your roof could be more valuable than the entire amount you paid for it, even just a few years ago.

The bad news: It’s more expensive than ever to do a full re-roof.

Our advice: Get your roof inspected by a Registered Roof Consultant (RRC), or a full-service contractor like TeamCraft. If your roofing membrane needs restoration (a cleaning and a layer of protective coating) or replacement, it’s wildly important to do so before the membrane fails and starts to leak. When water penetrates the membrane, it permanently damages any ISO or other insulation that is underneath.

Plain and simple, if you repair and/or replace your commercial roofing membrane before it leaks, you can save significant cost and hassle.

2)  Even if your roofing budget was no object, you still might not be able to get what you want.

There are a lot of different components that go into replacing a roof – such as decking, insulation, coverboard, adhesive, fasteners, and membrane. If suppliers are out of stock of any one of those items, it could add months of delay to your project.

As a company, TeamCraft has invested substantial capital into building inventory of the hardest-to-find materials. They are ready to meet the needs of customers in these trying times.

In some of the worst-case shortages (where there is a market-wide need for a particular material) TeamCraft has worked closely with the manufacturers to find suitable replacement materials, that meet engineering specifications and warranty requirements.

3)  Good relationships are the best way to get through any kind of hardship.

The primary reason TeamCraft has been able to navigate challenging economic conditions is their relationships. When working with customers, TeamCraft makes recommendations as if every roof were their own.

TeamCraft understands and embraces the need to establish vendor loyalty. If a vendor is able to pull a rabbit out of their hat and provide the materials needed to complete a big job on time, they know that TeamCraft is going to recommend and use their products the next time they put in a large bid.

The company’s employees know that TeamCraft in it the business for the long haul. Retention is a big deal for employers in hard times – which is why TeamCraft offers one of the best benefits packages in the industry; and does extensive internal promoting. Within their Executive Team, the Head of Production and Head of Service started in the field as roofers and rose through the ranks to their current position with the business.

Relationships are built and fostered during good times, and they’re the ones that will be there for you when the bad times come.

About TeamCraft Roofing

Founded in 1996, TeamCraft Roofing is a full-service commercial and industrial roofing contractor, specializing in large-scale distribution centers, hospitals, industrial plants, and military bases. The company’s 19 different office are able to expeditiously support repairs and re-roofs throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. TeamCraft is proud to have a best-in-class experience modification rating of .55.

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