Task Lighting New Tunable LEDs Set the Mood

Task Celebrates 35 Years of Lighting Leadership and Innovation with May 2020 Launch

KEARNY, NE – Task Lighting proudly launched the TandemLED™ and WAV Smart Control™ product lines that will allow homeowners to enhance their lighting experience for any kitchen or bath task, and to set the mood in their home by selecting an ideal white color temperature light.

TandemLED, named for its unique two-wire (tandem) operation, is a patent pending, tunable white LED lighting technology that adjusts LED lights from Warm White 2700K to Daylight White 5000K and all white color temperatures in between, all while allowing the user to adjust the light output from dim to bright.

The Task Lighting WAV Smart Control system and control lights via a smartphone app or voice command.

The system is easy to install with a standard two-wire system, whereas other systems have three to five or even more wires. The TandemLED system also offers a wireless remote for tuning the white color temperature of the lighting, or the user can utilize the new Task Lighting WAV Smart Control system and control lights via a smartphone app or voice command.

“Traditional LED Lighting products pale in comparison to the TandemLED system. Most LED products come in one Kelvin color temperature and are low quality lighting, without smart control features. TandemLED products allow you to personalize your lighting experience throughout the day, adjusting the white light Kelvin color temperature for your current task,” stated Keith Clark, Product Manager, Lighting Products.

When TandemLED lighting is paired with one of Task Lighting’s WAV Smart Control™ devices, lights can be controlled through a wireless remote, smartphone app or by voice command. A WAV (Wireless App Voice) device allows the user to control their TandemLED lighting or other Task Lighting fixtures with the smart home device of their choice including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Philips Hue, Apple Home and any Zigbee 3.0 compatible system from several manufacturers.

“Task Lighting is ecstatic to bring all the benefits of smart home technology to our line of superior LED lighting products, particularly this year as we celebrate 35 years of lighting leadership,” Clark added.

Find out more about TandemLED and WAV Smart Control products at TaskLighting.com.