Issue 33

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The resource design professionals depend on Issue #33 | June 2022


California Faucets Earns Prestigious Good Design® Award

California Faucets Earns Prestigious Good Design® Award

The world’s oldest, most prestigious design awards program, Good Design, recognized California Faucets’ streamlined high flow rate tub filler for innovation and cutting edge-design.


Case Studies

Near-Disaster Averted During Hotel Bathroom Remodel


Even the best laid plans can (and do) go awry. Such was the case during a recent bathroom remodel at a Conference Center Hotel in Atlanta. Luckily, a creative, quick-thinking contractor and OS&B saved the day.

Top Articles

Air Pollution Game Changer: Smog-Eating Roof Shingles


By incorporating 3M smog-reducing granules in all its shingle offerings, Malarkey Roofing Products has produced enough smog-reducing roofing to provide the pollution-reducing equivalent of over one million trees!

Making A Difference in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Communities


A new paper released by the World Economic Forum calls for collaboration between humanitarian and development organizations, businesses, investors and entrepreneurs to improve the lives of nearly 1 billion people living in fragile and conflict-affected settings worldwide.

New Sliding Panel System Brings Dimension and Aesthetic Refinement to Large and Wide Spaces


Offering an essential and refined solution, the Maxi from Rimadesio is a partition system designed for wide spaces to provide separation while still maintaining fluid spaces where light dominates.

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