Everything and the Bathroom Sink

Sinks and lavatories can present special challenges when designing ADA restrooms. In many cases, sinks are difficult to navigate and reach for people with limited mobility. Builders and designers must consider how the sink height and depth contributes to easy navigation, the amount of floor space around the sink, the accessibility of paper towels and […]

“Turning On” Accessible Faucet Design

When it comes to designing accessible, ADA-compliant restrooms, the faucet is one of the most important pieces in the puzzle. In order to better serve those with limited mobility, faucets should be easy to reach, free from obstructions and easy to turn on and off with minimal force. The 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design […]

Sell and Design with the Next Step in Mind

Because homeowners are more inclined nowadays to remain in their homes as they age, it’s important to incorporate universal design elements that meet current needs–and what clients may need years later. The same holds true for families.