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Accountability Information Management, Inc. (AIM), a leading B2B research company, recently published a new AIM Snapshot research on the use of social media. The study found that as professionals become more comfortable using social media in their personal lives, they begin to find it helpful for their jobs. During the pandemic, many companies required employees […]

Architects, Social Media and You

Based in North Carolina, the experienced and talented team at Draper DNA specializes in targeted marketing efforts that help build business. Their recent 2020 Top 25 Architectural Firms on Social Media Report was coordinated by Draper DNA and made available to industry specialists. The report focuses on the elements of social media that are most […]

Spread the Word—LinkedIn Style

LinkedIn may not be the first social media platform that comes to mind for design professionals who want to find more clients. But LinkedIn is more than an extended help-wanted section; it’s a way to broaden their reach, often in conjunction with Facebook and other social media channels.

Social Media Cross-Pollination: How to Create Greater Buzz

One question we’ve heard frequently from designers trying to get up to speed on social media is: Which social media platform is best for designers? One way to maximize social media exposure is to cross-pollinate between platforms: Tweet what you Pin, Pin what you blog, blog what you show on Houzz, and so on.

‘This Storm Blows!’: When Do Tweets Help or Hurt Your Business?

How can designers, contractors and manufacturers of building products best approach social media following a disaster such as Hurricane Sandy? Heartfelt concern and helpful tips are preferable to overt promotions that try to take advantage of others’ misery and misfortune.

4 Ideas for Pintastic Pinning

I love Pinterest. The inspiring images of kitchen designs, beautiful bathrooms, travel getaways and more are hard to resist. As we all explore this newish social media site, though, there is much to learn about how to best use Pinterest.