Let Us Help You Hit Your Targets!

Let Jim Help You Target YOUR Customers!

Jim Nowakowski will be presenting his classic “How to Target and Hit the Right Customers” at KBIS on Janaury 11, 3:30 to 4:30 in room S230D.

Now, you can be part of Jim’s presentation.

Jim is looking for suggestions of targets you are aiming at!

That’s right. Between now and 48 hours before his appearance at KBIS, you can become part of Jim’s presentation by suggesting to him one of your targets you are going after in YOUR business. Simply fill out the convenient short form below, and Jim will review it. If he picks your target for including in his presentation, you’ll get a $25 Starbuck’s gift card. You can only enter ONCE.

BONUS. Even if your target isn’t picked, Jim will call you up after KBIS and offer you a half hour of his consulting time to help you hit your target!

How to Target and Hit the Right Customers

Remember: You can enter up to 48 hours BEFORE his presentation on January 11 at 3:30 (that means you have until January 9th at 3:30). But enter anyway and get a half hour of Jim’s consulting time to help you hit your target.

Hope to see you at KBIS!

Please pick ONE of the three following questions to submit. Only ONE can be entered for consideration.
Have Questions? Call Bernadette Hewlett at 847-358-4848 or Sue Alt at 847-358-8558.

Now, before you SUBMIT, please answer these short questions.

Thanks for your input.