5 Steps to Fight ‘Scan and Scram’

Five steps to fight the “scan and scram” mentality of people who go to physical stores to touch the products and ask for advice, but then purchase these products from an online source.

Start with Just One, Sweet Piece

Once you have a prospective customer’s attention, it’s not always the portfolio of past work that starts the sale. Some designers, especially those without extensive showroom space, begin the sales process with a “sweet piece.”

Call Us. We’re Here. Really.

We’ve all been locked in voicemail jail before, and it’s not pretty. Have you experienced your company from the clients’ perspective to really know how they’re treated?

Bathroom Bling!

A touch of bathroom bling need not be out of reach. Oh, sure. It can be. Take Beyonce’s baby shower, for instance. The mother-to-be received a Swarovski bathtub that goes for $7K. Really??

Fire in the Freezer!

Careless cooking is still a leading cause of fires in the kitchen, but look out for kitchen fires unrelated to cooking equipment.

Smooth Sailing for Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are still “in”–but count on more than just basic round glass these days. KB-Resource reports from the 2012 KBIS show.