Issue 11

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The resource design professionals depend on Issue #11 | June 2021


Artaic New Vitreous Glass Sizes Allow Modular Capabilities

Artaic New Vitreous Glass Sizes Allow Modular Capabilities

Artaic GLYPH Collection captures beautiful details with playful, communicative designs, and bright graphic icons.



Follow the Signs


While signs are just one of the many building features that need to be ADA-compliant, it is still necessary to communicate the message effectively.


Empowering Personal Data For Exponential Economic Growth


Milton Pedraza, Luxury Institute CEO and Richard Whitt, former Google Senior Executive, shares insight: Post pandemic, the rapid evolution of the personal data economy will have huge implications for the luxury industry.

Case Studies

Elk Grove, IL Couple Uses Warmup’s DCM-PRO Floor Heating System to Transform Bathroom into a Comfortable, Accessible Haven


See how a heated floor in the bathroom was decided upon because of its maintenance-free ability to enhance the space.

Top Articles

True Residential Introduces the Low Profile Collection, a New Line of ADA-Compliant Refrigerator Designs


The new Low-Profile Collection by True Residential meet the 32”-height regulation allowing for installation under ADA-Compliant countertops.

Speakman’s Exhilaration Technology Offers A Fully Immersive Shower Experience


Choose from 4 distinct spray patterns in 3 styles that deliver optimal spray strength and temperature for a spa-like shower with Speakman’s Shower Experience.

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