Carrie Smith Lays Out Retail Strategy – the Howard’s Way

Carrie Smith, who recently rejoined Howard’s in an expanded role as Senior Vice President (SVP)/Chief Merchandising Officer, is helping to transform retailing after the devastating effects of COVID-19 on that sector. Indeed, as noted in many research reports, the pandemic has altered not only retailers’ financial outlooks, but their long-term directions. While some file for […]

Webinar Offers Best Practices in Lodging Guest Rooms from a Universal Design Approach

Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D. is a powerful, internationally known speaker, trainer, consultant, author, and publisher who walks her talk. On June 13, 1998, Rossetti’s life was transformed when a 3 1/2 ton tree came crashing down on her. Her life was changed in that instant! In her new webinar, A Universal Design Approach: Best Practices in […]

The International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure focuses on growth and COP26 at its first anniversary

RESTON, Va. – One year ago, global leaders from mayors to civil engineers and engineering organizations joined forces to identify the biggest barriers to infrastructure adaptation and resilience, and to understand how the engineering community could act as a catalyst for action, which came to fruition as the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI). Leaders […]

TAKE ONE: Notting Hill Decorative Hardware

Our latest Take One! “Live Broadcast Series” showcases Notting Hill Decorative Hardware. In this information-packed, half hour presentation, you’ll take a audio and visual tour of this outstanding manufacturer of luxury decorative hardware. Hear directly from Kathy Dustman herself about how she started and developed over 200 unique designs and has positioned her company among the leading luxury hardware brands in the country. Listen up and enjoy!

AFTER HOURS with Kathy Dustman

This “bonus” feature takes you behind the scenes of the Take One! “Live Broadcast Series presentation and brings a deeper understanding of Kathy Dustman’s work in luxury hardware. Spend 15 minutes “after hours” and listen and see Kathy’s frank answers to questions like what really differentiates her work, what the “art vibe” means, why people “take Kathy’s hardware with them” when they move, and some great tips for designers using her work. Tune in and enjoy now!

Shelter in Comfort™ featuring Cheviot

Cheviot Products is a leading supplier of bathroom fixtures to major bathroom distributors and wholesalers, and is a preferred brand specified by designers throughout the country. This 15 minute presentation from Marketing Representatives was the kickoff in their Shelter in Comfort™ series and features some ideas for helping your clients maintain their comfort and their […]

Shelter in Comfort™ featuring OS&B

OS&B is Canada’s largest manufacturer and Distributor of Bath Waste & Overflows, Traps, Lavatory Drains, Tubular Brass Fittings you name it. This 15-minute presentation is part of the Marketing Representatives Shelter in Comfort™ Series and covers some of their innovative products, including one of the hottest products in the market today – the OS&B free […]

Shelter in Comfort™ featuring BillTrack50

BillTrack50 is one of the most comprehensive federal and state legislative bill tracker in the country. This 15-minute presentation is part of the Marketing Representatives Shelter in Comfort™ Series and shows how the software allows citizens to search by keyword or bill number to discover and review an unlimited number of state and federal bills […]