Issue 10

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The resource design professionals depend on Issue #10 | May 2021


Interior Stairways Get New Look with L. J. Smith Reversible Stair Risers

Interior Stairways Get New Look with L. J. Smith Reversible Stair Risers

Reversible Stair Risers from L. J. Smith® Stair Systems feature a shiplap design on one side and a beaded planking design on the other, making it easy to create an entirely new look for a stair system.



Talking Trash


While the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design offers guidance on many design issues in a restroom, they leave out something important — the trash can.


Navigating the Post-COVID-19 “New Normal”: How Engineers and Manufacturers Can Use Information Management to Adjust


KB-Resource spoke to Brian Sallade, CEO of Kinsmen Group, to get his perspective on the challenges that engineers and manufacturers currently face. Given these challenges, how to implement both short-term and long-term solutions for optimized flow of information was explored.

Case Studies

Libraries Renovate with Bendheim’s Channel Glass, Creating Strong, Vibrant Structures


Two recent Bendheim retrofit projects reveal how the changing functions of libraries demand more thoughtful architecture.

Top Articles

Timeless Elegance is Captured by Dornbracht CYO Bathroom Faucet


Designed by Sieger Design, the Dornbracht CYO bathroom faucet has been reinterpreted in response to today’s need for authenticity and timeless elegance.

BLANCO LINUS™ Kitchen Faucet Collection – Water-efficient Never Looked So Good…and Colorful


BLANCO relaunches LINUS kitchen faucet collection with nine new full color finishes and re-engineered to powerfully clean using less water, boasting a water-efficient 1.5 GPM flow rate.

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