Issue 21

KB-Resource Newsletter
The resource design professionals depend on Issue #21 | October 2021


Dunn-Edwards Paints 2022 Color of the Year is...

Dunn-Edwards Paints 2022 Color of the Year is…

… Art and Craft (DET682). This autumnal hue is a warm and earthy shade that evokes feelings of stability and calm.



Drying Hands Matter: The Paper Towel Dispenser


Hand drying in a public restroom is a necessity. Here’s all you need to know if you are including paper towels in your ADA restroom.


Is Research Revealing Vulnerability at Heart of Auto Supply Chain True for All Supply Chains?


Outcome of Actify’s independent research study carries over to all industries and reflects the issues in supply chain disruptions.

Case Studies

Stairway to Heaven (well, almost heaven)


Bendheim’s Gothic™ and Houdini™ glass were among the architectural choices in the $500 million renovation of the Willis Tower in Chicago.

Top Articles

New Wire Brushed Stair Treads from Viewrail


Viewrail wire brushed stair treads exhibit a tactile feel and a more vibrant appearance.

Business or Pleasure: Recent AIM Research Shows Social Media Does Both


AIM Snapshot research on the use of social media found that as professionals become more comfortable using social media in their personal lives, they begin to find it helpful for their jobs.

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