Issue 22

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The resource design professionals depend on Issue #22 | November 2021


Atelier Alain Ellouz New ICONIC Family of Alabaster Lighting Elements Evoke Zen Designs

Atelier Alain Ellouz New ICONIC Family of Alabaster Lighting Elements Evoke Zen Designs

From the most classic to resolutely contemporary styles, ICONIC family of lighting elements from Atelier Alain Ellouz bring unity and consistency in terms of style, material and design to a project.



How to Make a Space Look Bigger, Decrease Stress Using Zen Tactics and Lighting


Vanessa Deleon, Designer and Influencer at Vanessa Deleon Associates, shares tips to help clear the mind and lift-up the spirits, while making a space look bigger using zen tactics and lighting.


Fire Prevention Doesn’t Need Only One Week for Prevention Tips


Insurance leader QBE North America offers tips to help businesses prevent fires and mitigate losses if a fire does occur.

Case Studies

Restaurant Creates a Fresh Design with Open Garage Door Concept


Extensive renovation of Northport Pub & Grille in Michigan added eight Haas garage doors to open up and create a fresh, new design for their structure.

Top Articles

New Research Shows Design-Build is Changing the Way America Builds


FMI new market analysis forecasting 2021-2025 shows that design-build growth will continue, despite unprecedented COVID-19 challenges.

Social Media Channel Used Most by Building Construction Companies Remains Facebook


AIM Snapshot research on the use of social media found that even with the social media explosion during the pandemic, that Facebook still reigns as top leader for professional use.

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