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Want to get workers back into your office? Listen to them!

New Global Study from Honeywell and Wakefield Research Gives Us Feedback from Workers Themselves In a word: safe. If you want people back into the office, make them feel safe. That’s the conclusion of a new 32-page report from Honeywell and Wakefield Research. “Workers are keenly attuned to what’s happening to make their workspaces safer […]

What’s driving the shift to metal kitchen cabinet drawers?

Blog contributed by Grass America. Look inside the U.S. kitchen cabinet industry and you will see that a fundamental change has taken hold. A long-term trend over the past decades has been accelerated in response to the dramatic events of the past year: double-wall metal drawers have begun to overtake traditional wood drawer construction as […]

How Will Societal Shifts Impact Architecture? Global Designer Luis Vidal Explains

Madrid-based president & founding partner of luis vidal + architects relays 5 major changes in store for the 2020s and their reflection in modern architecture Blog contributed by luis vidal + architects. This decade – perhaps another roaring ’20s – will no doubt be one of the most exciting and fast-paced decades in recent memory. […]

Aging-in-Place: Universal Design is in Demand (2008 – updated 2021)

by James V. Vitale, AIA, LEED AP Born in 1947, I am one among 77 million boomers born between 1946 and 1964. A 2008 article in Buildings magazine indicated that we boomers represent almost a trillion dollars in disposable income. As such we represent one of the fastest growing markets for well designed and useable […]