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Transforming the Construction Industry Through Modular Design: An Architect’s Perspective

Modular design is quickly becoming one of the most frequently discussed trends in the construction industry. When looking at some of the advantages that modular construction provides, it’s easy to see why architects, engineers and general contractors are beginning to explore modular options for residential and commercial projects. Modular construction entails constructing buildings in individual […]

Your home’s water quality could vary by the room – and the season

By Kayla Wiles, Purdue News Service West Lafayette, IN —  Is the water in your home actually safe, given that water utility companies in the U.S. aren’t required by law to monitor the water that specifically enters a building at its service line? A study has found that the water quality of a home can […]

Construction Tops Industries Leading in Small Business Revenue Growth

By David Snitkof, Head of Data Analytics and Strategy, Kabbage A recent report on the Kabbage Small Business Revenue Index showed small businesses in the U.S. achieved revenue growth across every state and industry in the first half of 2019. The Kabbage Index Value (KIV), a value used to track revenue growth of small businesses, […]

Why You Should Avoid Premature Celebration on Tariff Rollbacks

By Nelson Dong, Senior Partner, Dorsey & Whitney LLP Based on a brief press release from the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) and various media reports, it appears the United States and China have reached some kind of tentative “Phase One” agreement.  While the deal does not affect the 25% Section 301 tariffs […]

Robots Speed Up Work and Fill Construction Skills Shortages

The construction industry is increasingly exploring the use of robots to speed up work and alleviate skills shortages. But where could this lead? GlobalData’s construction journalist Luke Christou explores the future of robotic construction. “The use of single-task robots (STR) in the construction industry has been growing for some time. The use of robotics in […]

How Manufacturing is Helping the Construction Industry Face Its Challenges

By Prathmesh Limaye, Senior Research Analyst – Chemicals, Materials, Food, Frost & Sullivan The construction industry is grappling with issues pertaining to productivity and meeting project deadlines that have been intensified following the economic recession of 2008-2009. About 2 million construction workers were let go in the United States alone between 2007 and 2011, and […]

How To Create An Emotionally Intelligent Organization

By Milton Pedraza, Luxury Institute CEO   Recently, the Harvard Business Review published breakthrough research entitled “The EI Advantage: Driving Innovation and Success through the Power of Emotional Intelligence.” The study was conducted with hundreds of executives and managers at top organizations globally. Key insights include the fact that only 18% of executives strongly agree […]