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How to Add a Layer of Luxury to a Kitchen

When it comes to a kitchen, designers know the finishing touches create a sophisticated space. A design needs to reflect personality and style which is where detailed work shows its true value. Focusing on the smaller elements allows impact with the smallest of changes. The UK’s largest independent kitchen specialist Wren Kitchens, reveals their top-tips […]

How Long Before Quiet Mark Comes to the U.S.?

Every now and then KB-Resource receives a really interesting piece of news, but it doesn’t quiet fit our existing structure. And every now and then a piece of news will contain something that has profound implications for our audience – and we make it fit. That’s what this blog is about: something called Quiet Mark. […]

Issue 15

Dealing with product shortages – Top 3 Ways to Stay Ahead


LA HABRA—Howard’s, Southern California’s premier independent appliance retailer, proudly welcomed William Joowan Cho, Chief Strategy Officer Globally for LG Electronics, at the company’s Long Beach Experience Center, located in the Marina Pacifica shopping center. Cho’s remit includes engaging exclusively with the top Internet-of-Things-enabled retail stores carrying LG products. He is particularly intent on seeing that […]

6 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Small Kitchen

This blog was contributed by Darren Watts, Design Director at Wren Kitchens. From simplifying color schemes to prioritizing appliances, these hacks will help you transform your small space into a beautiful compact kitchen. We can all agree, clutter and chaos are two things you do not want in your kitchen space. With Google search trends […]

3 Essential Kitchen Tips to Complete a Kitchen Remodel – Without the Wait

This blog was contributed by Verona Appliances. “Everything is on backorder! How can I complete my kitchen renovation?” is probably a question many homeowners and designers are asking these days. Labor and material shortages, paired with an itch to renovate the most used space during lockdown — the kitchen — are coming to a head. […]

Carrie Smith Lays Out Retail Strategy – the Howard’s Way

Carrie Smith, who recently rejoined Howard’s in an expanded role as Senior Vice President (SVP)/Chief Merchandising Officer, is helping to transform retailing after the devastating effects of COVID-19 on that sector. Indeed, as noted in many research reports, the pandemic has altered not only retailers’ financial outlooks, but their long-term directions. While some file for […]