How to Make a Space Look Bigger, Decrease Stress Using Zen Tactics and Lighting

This blog was contributed by Vanessa Deleon, Designer and Influencer at Vanessa Deleon Associates. Millennials and Gen-Z are migrating from urban areas to the suburbs to reduce COVID-19 risk and many are faced with a small budget and a few pieces of furniture for a large space. In these anxiety-ridden times, it is imperative that your […]

Florida Career College Student Earns Home Depot Foundation Scholarship

Michael Miranda grew up splitting time between living in Florida and the Bronx, NY. He met a lot of people, mainly handymen, and Michael was always impressed by the eagerness to share what knew. “When I was young growing up, and even recently these last couple of years, you always run into a few people […]

How to Add a Layer of Luxury to a Kitchen

When it comes to a kitchen, designers know the finishing touches create a sophisticated space. A design needs to reflect personality and style which is where detailed work shows its true value. Focusing on the smaller elements allows impact with the smallest of changes. The UK’s largest independent kitchen specialist Wren Kitchens, reveals their top-tips […]

4 Reasons Why Millennials Should Renovate Their Homes

This blog was contributed by Dago Garcia, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Hearth In 2020, 37% of home buyers were Millennials – the largest portion in the U.S. This growing demographic of homeowners values several factors when it comes to home improvement and renovations – all for good reason. According to Harvard’s Improving America’s Housing […]

How Long Before Quiet Mark Comes to the U.S.?

Every now and then KB-Resource receives a really interesting piece of news, but it doesn’t quiet fit our existing structure. And every now and then a piece of news will contain something that has profound implications for our audience – and we make it fit. That’s what this blog is about: something called Quiet Mark. […]

Achieving “Operational Resilience” in the Kitchen and Bath Industry

As the kitchen and bath industry begins to move past the disruption to business and operations caused by COVID-19, one thing is clear: manufacturers, suppliers, architects, and designers are more reliant and connected to technology than ever before. With in-person activities such as visiting showrooms becoming more virtual, professionals need secure and resilient platforms to […]

6 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Small Kitchen

This blog was contributed by Darren Watts, Design Director at Wren Kitchens. From simplifying color schemes to prioritizing appliances, these hacks will help you transform your small space into a beautiful compact kitchen. We can all agree, clutter and chaos are two things you do not want in your kitchen space. With Google search trends […]

3 Essential Kitchen Tips to Complete a Kitchen Remodel – Without the Wait

This blog was contributed by Verona Appliances. “Everything is on backorder! How can I complete my kitchen renovation?” is probably a question many homeowners and designers are asking these days. Labor and material shortages, paired with an itch to renovate the most used space during lockdown — the kitchen — are coming to a head. […]

Designer-Contractor Collaboration: The Hidden Ingredient for Project Success

This article was contributed by Western Constructors, a full-service design-build contractor in Grand Junction, CO. Contractor/ Designer Relationship With any construction or remodeling project, whether residential or commercial, there are several working relationships in play, one of which is the teamwork and collaboration between designers and contractors. While a general contractor oversees the daily operations […]