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Vinyl Industry Responds to PVC Pipe Safety Report

The Vinyl Industry (VI) has published its response to a recent report by activist group Beyond Plastics. According to VI, the report contains false claims and misinformation regarding the safety of PVC pipes. The Vinyl Institute issued a media statement and published a blog post that provides more detail regarding the false claims in the report. The organization indicated […]

Luxury Institute Shares Key 2023 Trends and Predictions for the Global Luxury Industry

Opinion contributed by the Luxury Institute. The Luxury Institute announced key findings from its recent qualitative survey with its Global Luxury Expert Network (GLEN) members, comprised of prominent luxury goods and services CEOs, C-levels and consultants, as well as additional top-tier luxury executives and experts. Responders were asked to predict key macro-economic challenges for 2023 […]

The Driving Force of Residential Real Estate: Investing in Wellness

Opinion contributed by MrSteam. Did you know millennials have earned a reputation as the “wellness generation” because they believe in adopting healthy and active lifestyles? They are also increasingly willing to pay a premium for home spaces that support their wellness goals. Because of their significant influence, residential real estate is transforming to meet millennial […]

Upfront with an Industry Leader: President & CEO John Riddle

Established over the last 30 years, working in sales, marketing & product management of home appliances and consumer electronics, John Riddle serves as President & CEO of Howard’s, Southern California’s one-stop shop for the best selection of appliances, TVs, and mattresses. Riddle, who developed strong relationships and channel knowledge with virtually every major big box, […]

Miller’s Metaphors: Using Language to Win More Pitches

Designers are naturally visual people. But so are most of us. When visuals start to blur (try looking at ten kitchens or ten bathrooms), how do you separate your designs from others’? How do you convey to your clients and prospects what really makes you different? In other words, how do you “pitch” your clients […]

8 Customer Data Myths that are Putting Your Business Performance at Risk

In Luxury Institute’s September white paper, in partnership with DataLucent, the most common critical data myths and corresponding truths are outlined to help executives take control of their customer data strategies and tactics to drive optimal results. During the past few months, as economies recover and enter a new normal, Luxury Institute and DataLucent have […]

Fire Prevention Doesn’t Need Only One Week for Prevention Tips

Insurance leader QBE North America is offering tips to help businesses prevent fires and mitigate losses if a fire does occur Firefighters in the US respond to a fire every 24 seconds, according to the National Fire Protection Association, and as more people are returning to physical places of business and offices, insurance leader QBE […]