Staying in Front of Your Customers: Phone

The program will discuss how architects can get a better understanding of the market today in regards to servicing their customers through the use of personal contact: calling. You will gain a better understanding of the different types of phone techniques to keep specialized services forefront to their customers.

4 Ideas for Pintastic Pinning

I love Pinterest. The inspiring images of kitchen designs, beautiful bathrooms, travel getaways and more are hard to resist. As we all explore this newish social media site, though, there is much to learn about how to best use Pinterest.

Start with Just One, Sweet Piece

Once you have a prospective customer’s attention, it’s not always the portfolio of past work that starts the sale. Some designers, especially those without extensive showroom space, begin the sales process with a “sweet piece.”

Call Us. We’re Here. Really.

We’ve all been locked in voicemail jail before, and it’s not pretty. Have you experienced your company from the clients’ perspective to really know how they’re treated?