What Does Luxury Really Mean in Design?

People today are about making their own statements, not with someone else’s brand. Just witness in any industry the rise of the independent company who spring up out of nowhere, threatening the share of the major brands in that space.

Hitting the Affluent Market Target via Research Data

In order to reach the affluent customer the MarketNet team worked with the American Affluent Research Center (AARC), a private research organization, as a resource to understand the affluent customer. It may be a good fit for your company, especially if you are targeting affluent consumers.

Universal Design: A Look at the TOTO Washlet

The Washlet has become a must-have item in Japan and around the world, with over 40 million Washlets sold since 1980. Clearly, homeowners are responding to something about this product.

We’re woefully under prepared for our increasingly aging population

That’s what Los Angeles architect John Dutton worries about, and that that the coming demographic shift could catch the U.S. napping. In an interview in DWELL magazine, Dutton said the models for housing are completely inadequate in design and temperament for the aging population.

Remodeling is HOT Because of Aging Population

According to Abbe Will, a research analyst for Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, the aging society and inaccessible housing stock is suggesting the growing need for remodeling.